Your 2019 Digital Marketing Strategy


Wrapping up your 2019 planning? Our friends at Ignite Visibility created a remarkable webinar with recommendations for how much time and budget you should allocate for each of the principal digital marketing strategies.

The four main categories for digital marketing in 2019 are search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC/SEM), email marketing, and social media marketing. Sometimes it can be hard to prioritize these and figure out how much time should be spent on each category. That’s where Root Manifest can help, from our free digital footprint analysis to our customized go-to-market package.


Search engine optimization should take up around 20 – 60% of your time. Your work should focus on new visitor growth to obtain customers and drive more traffic to your site. When doing this, content marketing will help target customers at the appropriate stage of the buyer’s journey. Root Manifest leverages the powerful SEO tool Moz Pro. We run regular reports through this tool to measure progress in keyword campaigns and your overall domain authority.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising         

Between the process of creating and tracking, PPC should take up 30 – 50% of your time. When advertising, these sites should be your number one priority in the order they appear: Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook and Instagram, Google Display ads, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, and Amazon. Once you start PPC, keeping track of which sites perform the best can help you to see what is most profitable and where the most money should be allocated. At Root Manifest, we have seen great success through retargeting ads. These ads target people who have already visited your website. New formats and features are continuously appearing for ads, so make sure to research these to see if they’re a good fit. Some of these include HTML5 ads, responsive search ads, TrueView for action in YouTube, Canvas Ads, and the Creative Hub in Facebook.


Email should account for at least 25% of the time spent on digital marketing. Ignite Visibility recommends focusing on five pillars of advanced email marketing: advanced opt-in, personalized automations, list deployments, mobile-responsiveness, and testing. We recommend that you nurture the process of email marketing through its entire cycle. Add value to the buyer from start to finish by making sure landing page to opt-in features are all user friendly and work properly. When done correctly, mature email marketing programs should create over 25% of your digital revenue.

Social Media

Depending on the type of business you have, 10 – 30% of your time should be spent on social media marketing. In the beginning, focus on acquiring new followers and engaging the existing ones. Move forward by offering value to your audience and becoming a trusted source of quality information. Leverage different social media channels to engage different personas and prospects at different stages in the buyer’s journey. Once your social media channel has matured, leverage the gold standard of user generated content (UGC) to provide credibility to new and existing followers. If you are unsure where to begin when creating social media profiles and posts, look at your competitors and find top businesses in the industry to provide a framework of what you should do.

Grow your Business in 2019

Root Manifest has a proven record of properly executing each of these four principal categories of digital marketing. Contact us today to kickstart your 2019 digital marketing and watch your business grow!

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