Emerald Scientific Websites
  • Project:
Single domain strategy for growing three businesses under one roof.
  • Goal:
As Emerald Scientific continued its growth as a company in 2018, several of its service branches – Consulting, Community Resources and the Emerald Test grew as well. A need to rebrand and create a continuity of user experience between services was recognized. Our goal was to create an online user experience between all three services applying a single domain strategy under the Emerald Scientific umbrella. The result was a seamless user experience via a consistent branding and easy to navigate experience among websites.
  • Our role:
Root Manifest designed, developed, and implemented each service website. We incorporated easy purchase and membership sign-up experiences, a members’ only resource library, and integration with Emerald’s main ecommerce site for purchasing services.


SEO, SEM, site traffic, and user experience was significantly enhanced by this strategy. Bringing together these three services of Emerald Scientific under one brand helped to increase brand recognition, sales conversions, and membership sign-ups while strengthening Emerald Scientific’s presence in the international cannabis industry.

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