Migration of email, communication systems and internal company data to Google’s G Suite services.
Realizing the problems resulting from chronic email and internal/external communication issues, Root Manifest identified, structured and executed a migration from current systems and services to Google’s G Suite.
Our leadership, knowledge and hands-on approach resulted in a swift and seamless migration to G Suite – resulting in no disruption of internal communication channels, ecommerce sales, conference marketing, and lab testing services that Emerald Scientific provides to the cannabis industry.


In the burgeoning North American and worldwide cannabis market, Emerald Scientific continues to grow in its increasingly significant role of providing resources for cannabis lab testing, extraction and regulation compliance. Emerald’s email, ecommerce and communication systems play a vital role in this growth.

Unfortunately these systems were not keeping pace with the expansion of Emerald’s market reach. Lost communications, downtime, and unreliability became increasingly part of the equation. Root Manifest stepped in to address these problem with the following services:

  • Identification of subpar communication services and providers
  • Well researched solutions and alternative systems for future growth and expanded services
  • A detailed, structured and well-executed migration to G Suite
  • Support services for all of Emerald’s team members throughout the migration process – from planning to fine-tuning
  • A solid plan and approach including backup and redundancy protection for primary services
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