Emerald Conference 2020

  • Project:
Website for the 2020 Emerald Conference
  • Goal:
Emerald Scientific will host the 6th Annual Emerald Conference in San Diego in February 2020. The 2020 conference illustrates Emerald Scientific’s trajectory of growth and leadership within the cannabis science community. Emerald needed a sharp, simplified, easy to navigate website to showcase this year’s conference offerings.
  • Our role:
Root Manifest crafted the 2020 conference website with an eye on aesthetics, usability, and solid performance. We deployed a “dark mode” feel for an easier experience on the eyes.


Root Manifest continues to support the growth of Emerald Scientific by building the 2020 Emerald Conference website. The project included:

  • A refresh in design, layout, and color palette.
  • High performance, fast page load
  • Simplified menu – quick access to focal content
  • Clean, dark mode aesthetic.