• Project:
2nd event promotion and marketing for a large, annual cannabis industry science conference
  • Goal:
Our challenge continues to be building upon the success of last year’s conference campaign. As our audience increases and becomes more engaged across multiple social media channels, the number of page views and visitors to our website is on a trajectory to far surpass last year’s numbers.
  • Our role:
Root Manifest continues to forge a deeper relationship with Emerald Scientific, the founders of the Emerald Conference. Our work includes the launch of the Emerald Consulting site.


From the success of last year’s Emerald Conference, Root Manifest has once again deployed an even more robust suite of marketing services for the 2019 Emerald Conference. This includes:

  • E-blast and ad buying, media placements, and ad design
  • Redesign, optimize for SEO, and increased performance for the 2019 conference website
  • Content marketing across numerous social media channels
  • Numerous marketing and content videos
  • More robust social media management
  • Growing email marketing, list management, and more
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