Digital Marketing Response to COVID-19

Digital Marketing Ads For a Local HealthCare Clinic
Like most businesses, a local health clinic took a hit when COVID struck. Daily routines, practices, health protocols, as well as onsite and remote patient visits were all deeply impacted. Connecting with the public with a positive, consistent message became a priority for the health care providers and staff at Family Practice Group.
Root Manifest provided a comprehensive digital ad campaign by applying these tools:
  • Local Healthcare Market Keyword Research
  • A Complete Website SEO Audit
  • Ad Campaign Landing Pages
  • A Comprehensive Google Ad Campaign


During COVID, Family Practice Group looked to Root Manifest to provide an online marketing strategy to support the clinic’s practice during this critical time for healthcare. Through clear and consistent messaging, Family Practice Group was able to continue to reach out to Southern Oregon community members seeking access to local healthcare through online searches.

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