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Emerald Scientific Websites

Single Domain Strategy

SEO, SEM, site traffic, and user experience was significantly enhanced by this strategy. Bringing together these three services of Emerald Scientific under one brand helped to increase brand recognition,

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Pack It Up

Root Manifest worked with travel expert, Anne McAlpin, to simplify her message and engage her audience through full-page imagery and an easy-to-use website.

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Wisdom Rx - Root Manifest Website Design

Wisdom Rx

Root Manifest rebuilt the Wisdom Rx website in two phases. First, we fixed the emergency-level problems (see below). Secondly, we redesigned the site and implemented an inbound marketing and SEO package. 

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fidelis im - Root Manifest Website Design


Root Manifest modernized the FIDELIS iM website with a responsive design and new content, images, and active marketing components.

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All of us at Root Manifest would like to extend our heartfelt compassion for everyone affected by COVID-19. We include those who have dealt firsthand with the virus and the legions of courageous healthcare workers including our own family members.
Many of our friends and clients’ businesses have been deeply affected as well. For those of you who are struggling to find alternative ways of communicating and connecting with your current and prospective clients, we’ve compiled the following helpful resources.
  • Here’s Forrester on Responding To Coronavirus: A Playbook For Marketing And Communications. “Providing transparent and ongoing communication is the hallmark of good crisis communications. The communications team needs to analyze the types of communication that will be needed to support a variety of scenarios.” and especially, ” Companies that fail to rise to the occasion or are late to respond may create uncertainty or damage the confidence they have built.” 
  • Here’s Klaviyo on How to Communicate With Empathy During the Coronavirus Crisis. This article includes lots of good suggestions for altering your existing communications for greater relevance. If you’re offering a discount, then “Highlight the ways you plan to give back, donate a portion of your proceeds to relief efforts, or help your community. For example, while Nuun talks about the benefits of their products, the main message of this email is that they’ll be sending free care packages to medical professionals to help keep them healthy”
We’ve seen a large number of exemplary companies rising to meet this unprecedented challenge. If applicable to your business, we encourage you to apply these resources, and please reach out to Root Manifest for additional insights and strategies for your organization.