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Hello cannabis community, today’s blog post is for you.

When we founded Root Manifest in 2016, we envisioned a marketing agency that would serve tech companies, help startups find their voice, and empower large enterprises with a higher level of success. Our research showed that we could deliver our best results by helping companies rebrand while building a sustainable new marketing ecosystem.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our story, cannabis brought us here. There’s a lot of $ swirling around cannabis businesses and cannabis marketing these days, but it’s vital that we remember our roots. We were all brought here by our shared passion for the healing, transformative power of this plant. The name of our company represents our desire to help you manifest your organization’s growth, visibility, and ultimately your passion through the deeply rooted foundation that we build through marketing best practices, innovation, and thought leadership.

What’s your WHY?

Root Manifest has served cannabis companies and non-cannabis companies. A prospective client once asked us to review his company’s products before we decided to work with him. This is a brilliant approach that we’ve carried through to every new lead since then. Before we begin working with your organization, we conduct a thorough business analysis; we call this our digital footprint analysis. Even if your product/service offerings are currently missing the mark, we listen for your passion, your WHY. Why are you in the business you’re in? Our research and experience in the cannabis market has given us the most passionate WHY’s we’ve encountered. Sure, there are hordes rushing to the cannabis dinner table for a piece of the pie. However, the companies we’ve worked for are firmly rooted in their passion for the astounding power of the cannabis plant. These are the people we work with. This is the true cannabis community that understands why we do what we do. The cannabis community remembers how many lives have been taken in the war against this plant, the unjustly incarcerated, and the patients denied the life-saving medical access to this medicine. We can never forget. Today we are also part of an unheralded groundswell of support for cannabis, and each wave we ride seems to be bigger than the last as new states and countries legalize cannabis. Now more than ever we can’t let the dollar signs distract us from our roots and our love for this plant. If you’ve been in the cannabis industry long enough, you’ve seen two types of businesses:

  1. The rapacious cannabis websites that don’t hesitate to allow toxins to lower their bottom line. Vape pens with lead, no problem. Herb that fails tests for molds, pesticides, and mycotoxins? Dangerous/lethal cannabis extraction and processing? The list goes on and on.
  2. Cannabis businesses rooted in a passion for cannabis with a mature immersion in the cannabis community. These organizations are made of people who understand the responsibility of our inter-connectedness. These are the only organizations we work with.

Today Root Manifest can proudly point to the growth and success we’ve manifested for dozens of clients in three countries, and hundreds of products, brands, and cannabis websites. Our team has grown to include new creative and passionate rock stars. Best of all, we have become a valuable resource and a trusted advisor to those we serve. Within this success and excellence is our gratitude to our clients, our mentors, and to the brilliant minds we’ve witnessed within the cannabis community. Our cannabis clients continue to spark the most compelling and inspiring innovation, and your creative output is contagious. Thank you all!

Ethical cannabis websites for ethical cannabusinesses

If your cannabusiness is in alignment with the ethics we’ve described, contact us to learn more about our specific cannabis marketing solutions. Check out our free digital footprint analysis to see how we can help you grow.

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