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  1. Cannabis advertising: Some of the largest media giants are the most conservative: Facebook, Google Ads, and many other sites will not run your ads if they contain any cannabis or marijuana-related words or images.
  2. The cannabis social media shutdown: Instagram is notorious for closing cannabis-related accounts, potentially costing your organization thousands of dollars in revenue. 
  3. Varying state regulations: Since there is no federal oversight, each state has vastly different rules for medical or recreational marijuana.
  4. Expansion into Canada and developing international markets

We have


  1. Ads that drive leads. Ads that nurture leads to come back to your site to make purchases. Ads that aren’t banned! Check out our cannabis marketing infographic: our retargeting ads for one cannabusiness yielded a $8,776 ROI!
  2. Each social media channel offers different guidelines for cannabis-related content, from the most conservative (Facebook) to the most progressive. We stay abreast of the rules to make sure your Instagram account with 45,000 followers doesn’t disappear overnight.
  3. We help you deliver content marketing that’s appropriate for each state’s regulations.
  4. Ready to grow into new markets? Let us help drive your outreach with the right messaging and positioning.

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